Tangeable and transparent. Is it possible to create a work that is both? #FeliceVarnini

Take a look at #Felice Varini an #artist whom, until this weekend, had escaped my attention.
His current installation consumes the ancient town of #Carcassonne, France, where at one particular view point, allows the yellow lines of this work to present in perfect unison.
However that is only one aspect of his sophisticated working practice. Visitors to the town interact with the abstraction of isolated groups of lines on various contouring facades. Playing with the minds spatial awareness, opening a dialogue that challenges our observation of space and dimension by using strength of colour as a counter balance.
Varini's installations act simultaneously as a transparent and tangeable intervention. Successful in/on both internal and external facades.
Enjoy the world of Felice Varini for yourself.

Screenshot-2018-5-16 felice varini carcassonne - Google Search.png
Screenshot-2018-5-16 felice varini - Google Search.png
Source: www.varini.org/