The Boy looks good in make-up #AlexanderVlahos

Alexander Vlahos actor, as his character Philippe from the series BBC series Versailles

Such a hoo-haa regarding the new BBC series Versailles, ( third episode to be broadcast tonight). Seems that everyone is consumed by the lascivious content, me included. Apart from the luscious settings and costumes, excellent script created by David Wolstensroft (writer of Spooks) and Simon Mirren, I am drawn by an array of fresh actors, not a recognisable regular to be had, well apart from George Blagden (#Vikings series).
Someone that I can't take my eyes off and whom the role of Philippe (kings brother) was made for is the actor Alexander Vlahos. No I haven't been aware of him until now ( previous role; Mordred in BBC Merlin) but this doll face has such balanced lines, flawless skin, a face that carries make-up with ease. Yes I am referring to a man.
At court Philippe is seen dressing as a woman ( the theory being that this was a continuation of a practice and a period in history wherein both young male and female children wore skirted garments)  but the #Vlahos character remains very much a pretty, strong, bisexual male, he is no 'queen' and his approach to this part creates a successful mix of gender dynamics. I am besotted with the ease of Vlahos's performance, the visual that he portrays. Praise to the casting team.