Introducing contemporary art to schools.

All too often I hear the words "I am rubbish at drawing". I quickly retort that drawing doesn't make an artist. Let the debate begin because as important and beautiful as illustrative art is...there are many different forms in which Art exists. Performance art, video, sound and if a fashion designer can't draw would it stop them from creating clothes. I doubt it.
And so I want this message to reach children because their introduction to art is usually based on representational drawing and painting leaving many disconnected from the joy of art because they feel that they are not talented at drawing. 
I like to give a talk and visual demo of what contemporary artists are doing. I like their enthusiastic questions, clever and often intelligent observations and the shear joy of their discovery. I want to share and instil an appetite for contemporary art that they will carry all their lives. And this is where the Kinetic workshop works so well.
You might think that the workshop involves drawing but really it is a compliation of many different technics and processes. It is performance art being archived by the charcoal, Kinetic art because it involves energy and movement. And the drawing would really be considered as 'mark making'. 
 All the children are involved with making an authentic piece of contemporary art... an abstract work. Here are 2 of the designs from Straidbilly Primary School.