Watching the Paint Dry; studio work in progress

Waiting for the perfect moment to manipulate, push or dilute the paint occupying the canvas. Encouraging the pigment to evolve into a trailing, transparent or random water mark before it sets. Watching paint dry is an important process within my work so in trying to take the edge of the ennui I have several canvases drying at once. More like plate spinning if you will…


Painting selected for '#Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime' exhibition, #People's Palace, Glasgow.

Delighted that my portrait of #TheBigYin, has been selected as one of ten to be exhibited alongside the specially commissioned works by leading Scottish artists #JohnByrne #RachaelMclean and #JackVettriano. The#BBC's 'Billy Connolly #PortraitofaLIfetime' exhibition is hosted at Glasgow's #PeoplesPalaceMuseum and #WinterGardens and runs through the summer until the comedians 75th birthday in November 2017. Watch the #BBC program following the commissioned artists and how their finished pieces evolved.